If you...

  • Used to feel creative but you haven't let yourself create for years
  • Put off your creativity to take care of others
  • Tell yourself you don't have enough time
  • Feel like you're not creative enough to do what you want to do
  • Are afraid to start


Want to...
  • Release responsibility for others
  • Make time for yourself
  • Embrace your beginner's status
  • Overcome fear
  • Develop a consistent creative practice


Imagine feeling as creative as you want to be, as often as you want to be
  • Liberated and excited
  • Purposeful and confident
  • Amazing and alive
  • Relaxed and happier
  • Content and inspired
  • Centered and grounded

Together we can...

  • Discover your creativity with hands on activities 
  • Start small and build up to a regular practice
  • Connect you with the type of creativity you crave
  • Reclaim your JOY



Pat Donovan- Joy Guide

I rediscovered my own creativity at the age of 50 and have been reclaiming it ever since.  I create because I love it and it makes me happy. It takes my mind off anything that's worrying me and puts me in the present moment. It excites me to learn new techniques, and use them. I believe we are all creative and deserve to express our creativity daily. I find great joy in helping others rediscover and reclaim their own creativity.
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Author
  • Creator/Artist
  • Founder of Create Joy
  • Lover of linseed oil



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